Self Watering Plant Pot


Material Plastic
Colour Ash Grey
Shape Rectangular
Brand Sharpex
Number of Pieces 1


  • Smart H2O Self Watering System – Puts the plant in control for best results while Visual Indicator takes the guesswork out of watering. You don’t need to water your plants every day but just 1-2 time per week, because there is a water reservoir available for water storage and supply, effectively save your precious time.
  • It’ll show with lush growth and more flowers. The unique passive hydroponic action creates the ideal balance of root zone oxygen and water. Plants grow and thrive because plant roots are able to sprawl and breathe within the planter container. Stop over and under watering your plants, Sharpex planters are the modern way to care for houseplants, it’s easy.
  • Vibrant colors are sure to compliment any home, apartment or condo. Choose a decorative pot color that compliments your plant or your home décor. This self-watering planter has a unique design that keeps insects away from your water and prevents them from getting inside.
  • These planter pots are great gifts for family and friends, versatile for use in home and office. Perfect for decorating desks, bookshelves, tables, windowsills, countertops, and more, they will looks quite charming
  • Great for Decoration: The beautiful shape and design of these self-watering planters makes them suitable for home or office decoration.