Started in 2008 with a retail store and then expanded to various metropolitan city ,gained attraction with all innovative products ,which were not only unique but all helpful in our day to day life .

The main vision of stagkart corporation is to provide excellent customer satisfaction worldwide fast and good response in terms of delivery , shipping and customer experience with our high quality product .

Now we have collaboration with Egarden Innovation Pvt Ltd so we contribute 3% – 5% of total revenue of sale directly to Egarden Innovation Pvt Ltd and they provide free education in developing countries .

We are very much proud of our growing success and about our Collaboration with Egarden Innovation Pvt Ltd and in near future we are looking forward to expand our vision and business in different categories .

We are best in after sale services as for now we have shipped more than 2000+ products all over the world .Customer information security is our first priority so we have secured us with SSL and PayPal as our payment partner .

I hope you liked our product , don’t forget to share it as it help us to grow faster and help the society .

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